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Me llamo Carmel Sastre y soy un Sanador Energético de

Chakras y Aura

en Londres, Dénia, Costa Blanca, Valencia, España y

a Distancia por Skype o Watsapp

Proporciono sesiones de Sanación Energética para equilibrar, limpiar y sanar tus  Chakras y Aura. También ofrezco  talleres sobre chakras, meditación guiada para enraizarse y limpiar los chakras  y Cursos de Sanación Energética en Londres, Dénia, Costa Blanca y Valencia.

Realizo las consultas presenciales en Notting Hill, Londres y White Hart Lane  (Reino Unido) y en Dénia, Alicante, Costa Blanca, Valencia.

También proporciono sanaciones energéticas de Chakras y Aura a distancia por skype o watsapp en Español, inglés, Francés, Italiano, Catalán/Valenciano. Entiendo Portugués.

Próximas consultas en Dénia, Alicante, Costa Blanca: 26 Diciembre 2017 y Sábado 30 de diciembre 2017. Contáctame a:

A partir de Abril 2018: Consultas de sanación energética personalizada y  cursos y meditaciones guiadas para limpiar los Chakras (en Inglés y Español) en  Dénia, Costa Blanca, Valencia, Alicante , Contáctame:

Meditation clairvoyance psychic intuition

Tras ser un profesional de Reiki y profesor reconocido por la  Federación de Reiki del Reino Unido quise ir más allá y actualmente soy un Profesional de Sanación Energética y Espiritual usando técnicas de sanación energética y Meditaciones a través de visualizaciones.

Actualmente participo en programas de radio de habla hispana en Londres: Radio Aculco. En este programa hablo de Chakras, Sanación energética e informo de mis cursos en español e inglés en Londres, Dénia, Alicante, Costa Blanca, Valencia,

Ofrezco dichas sesiones y cursos en Español, inglés, francés e italiano.

Más abajo entrevista en inglés sobre el segundo Chakra.

Vídeo de abajo en inglés sobre el Primer Chakra o Chakra Raíz o Base:

Más abajo vídeo entrevista en inglés por la revista online Ultimate Life Magazine. Qué es Sanación Energética.

Below are the London Spiritual Healing and Reiki courses, sessions and guided meditation workshops.

Usui Reiki Healing is a spiritual practice that has been developed in 1922 by Japanese Buddhist Mikao Usui and has since been adapted by various teachers of different traditions. It can be considered by some people as a kind of alternative, complementary medicine or energy medicine. I am a member of the Uk Reiki Federation and the CNHC (The Complementary and Natural Healthcare Council).


Myss and Sastre energy healersI have developed a technique combining my experience of 20 years Hands-on and Hands-off Healing, Reiki practice, Energy Healing training, guided meditation healing techniques combined with clairvoyance skills, intuition and received attunements.

My spiritual guides bring the energy and heal you by clearing the energy that should not have been there and replace it with divine creative universal energy.

Energy Healers Carolyne Myss and Carmel Sastre. Energy Healers Carolyne Myss and Carmel Sastre Picture taken at the conference: “Healing: A Mystical Science that includes Miracles” in 2014 (, Ireland).

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Distance Healing – Energy Healing Sessions

If you are not in London I can do the consultation by Skype and then do a distant healing session for you. If you prefer by all means we can talk over the phone. I do speak English, Spanish, French, Italian, German and understand Portuguese.


As an integral part of this certified course I have combined together different healing modalities into a unique healing approach which is remarkably powerful and effective.

I have called this technique “The Golden Universe and Fertile Mother Earth Technique”. I have incorporated certain meditation and clairvoyance techniques which work synergistically together providing enhanced energy alignment and well-being.

In this course I will teach you a variety of healing modalities and methods amongst which are:

  • How to perform an energy healing session as well as
  • Self-healing
  • Distant healing
  • Release blockages and energies in your body
  • You will receive attunements
  • Will learn how to protect yourself
  • How to cleanse businesses and places and many more (please refer to the course section)

This is part of a complete holistic integrated healing approach.
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As a Master Reiki Practitioner and Teacher I offer training at:

  • Level Reiki 1
  • Reiki 2
  • Reiki 3 – Master/Teacher Reiki

It is wonderful how after proper reiki healing training you can feel so different, relaxed and energized and able to provide Reiki healing onto others. Please refer to the Reiki Course section for more information about Reiki.

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We use the Earth Energy and Chakra energy by guided meditation. I guide you so that you connect with the energies that clear your aura and chakras.

I conduct meditation sessions to clear a specific chakra and other sessions to clear all the chakras from the Root or 1st Chakra up to the 7th Crown Chakra.

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mind body soul spirit healing

Chakra Meditation and Aura Clearing

These chakra meditations I conduct are through visualisation and the purpose of this meditations is to shift the energy of the chakras and aura.



In these meditations mind body soul spirit healing you will also start to release the fears and the energy that has been stored and accummulated in you over a period of time and helps clear the karmetic attachments and current blockages to natural energy flow and wellbeing.

This technique will help to improve your overall well-being, the abundance in your life, personal relationships, creativity, your self-esteem, pèrsonal and social communication as well as the unfolding of your intuition and spiritual awareness.

About Carmel Sastre

I am a professional Energy Healer, Spiritual Healer and a Usui Reiki Master/Teacher of more than 20 years experience.

My Energy Healing technique which combines the energy of the earth and cosmic energy I call it “The Golden Universe and Fertile Mother Earth” technique. In my life I have experienced a lot of different paths in order to learn about what is energy and what you can do with it.
I practised macrobiotics to find out more about how the energy of food can affect your body, emotions, mind and spirit.
I continued my journey by reading and teaching Tarot as a predictive tool, but later I wanted to go deeper and focus more as a self-development method. This path helped me to learn about the archetypes and emotions that could be linked to imbalances on several levels. I wanted to go deeper and deeper and find the spiritual essence and bring spirituality in my daily life as well as bring it to the people who were around me.
More than 20 years ago I was practising hands-on healing without knowing where this power was coming from. The power of hands-on healing was something innate, but I wanted to know more about energies so I studied and practised Reiki in order to find out more about this energy that I was feeling in my hands.

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